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Advanced Packaging

Flex has entered into an agreement with Multi-Fineline Electronix (“MFLEX”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suzhou Dongshan Precision Manufacturing (“DSBJ”), to divest the China-based operations of the Flex subsidiary, Multek. According to the terms of the agreement, upon closing, MFLEX will acquire all of the equity interests in the non-US subsidiaries of Flex that operate the China-based business of Multek, for proceeds of approximately $273 million, net of cash. Multek will continue to operate with its current name and location in Zhuhai, China.

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FOWLP is the fastest-growing packaging platform, adopted for various applications from mobile and automotive to medical and packaging, for both low-end (i.e. audio codecs) and high-end devices (i.e. APU). However, cost is still a concern compared to other mature packaging platforms, and end-customers are always pushing for a lower price. 

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Klemens Reitinger, CTO and CEO of ERS electronic GmbH, will be attending this year’s advanced packaging and integrated system symposium, where he will be giving a presentation on thermal debonding and warpage correction, drawing from ERS’ 10+ years of experience in the arena of FOWLP.

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SCHOTT AG, an international technology group in the areas of specialty glass and glass-ceramics, has entered into an agreement to acquire Primoceler Oy, a Finnish pioneer in glass micro-bonding. The company’s innovative hermetic packaging technology creates new possibilities for protection of sensitive electronics in medical implants, MEMS devices, and other reliability-critical applications.

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Yole Developpement has released the second edition of its 3D imaging & sensing report at an extremely interesting time for this technology’s use in smartphones.

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The wide-bandgap material gallium-nitride (GaN) has many advantages over silicon (Si) when it comes to applications in the area of power electronics. With a higher breakdown strength and lower on-resistance, GaN-based power devices can convert power more efficiently than most advanced Si-based devices. Apart from these assets, GaN-based power devices have a 10 – 100 times faster switching speed than Si-based devices, which makes them perform significantly better at the system level. With these properties, the first generation of GaN-based power devices have found applications, such as battery chargers for mobile phones and  electric cars, point-of-load power systems, industrial power supplies, DC/DC convertors for servers, and invertors for solar panel connections to the grid, to name a few.
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> 3D Systems Summit
(January 28 - January 30, Dresden, Germany)

> TestConX 2019
(March 3 - March 6, Mesa, Arizona, USA)

> 15th International Conference and Exhibition on DEVICE PACKAGING
(March 4 - March 7, Fountain Hills, Arizona USA)


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