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Advanced Packaging

A new era of high-performance RF and power switching products has begun. Corning tand Menlo Micro, the company responsible for re-inventing one of the most fundamental building blocks of electronic systems – the electronic switch – announced a major milestone in the development of Menlo’s revolutionary Digital-Micro-Switch (DMS) technology platform. The two companies have demonstrated the successful integration of Through Glass Via (TGV) packaging technology, enabling the expansion of Menlo’s high-performance RF and power products to ultra-small wafer scale packaging.

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Samsung Electronics in advanced memory technology, announced that it has started mass producing the industry’s first 32-gigabyte (GB) double data rate 4 (DDR4) memory for gaming laptops in the widely used format of small outline dual in-line memory modules (SoDIMMs). The new SoDIMMs are based on 10-nanometer (nm)-class process technology that will allow users to enjoy enriched PC-grade computer games on the go, with significantly more capacity, higher speeds, and lower energy consumption.

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Without any doubt, the advanced packaging industry is on the move. Emerging applications are bringing many new challenges. Packaging experts from all over the world are deeply involved in the development of innovative solutions to answer to the market demand dominated by megatrends. “Megatrend will probably be the key word for the next 10-years within the advanced packaging industry, and more generally in the semiconductor industry”, comments Emilie Jolivet, Semiconductor & Software Division Director at Yole Développement (Yole). “AI , IoT , 5G, mobility, and more… all major applications of our century are today the new drivers of these industries.”

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Plasma-Therm, the manufacturer of plasma etch, deposition, and advanced packaging equipment for the production of specialty semiconductor devices, announced the successful acquisition of CORIAL, a France-based plasma processing equipment supplier.

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Devices move from detection to measurement, and then to overall perceptual awareness.

A generally good macro-economic environment
According to Yole Développement latest report Status of the MEMS Industry 2018, 2017 was a growth year for the global semiconductor industry. Earnings were driven by increasing memory prices, a boost from cryptocurrencies, increasing adoption of graphics processing units (GPUs) by data centers and cloud companies for artificial intelligence (AI) tasks, and the popularity of e-sports.

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FOWLP is the fastest growing packaging platform and has been adopted for various applications from mobile to automotive to medical for packaging, for both low-end (e.g. audio codecs) and high-end devices (e.g. APU). However, cost is still a concern compared to other more mature packaging platforms. End customers are always pushing for lower cost.

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(March 3 - March 6, Mesa, Arizona, USA)

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