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Advanced Packaging

  • AT&S positions itself for enormous growth potential in the area of autonomous driving. 
  • Technology expansion and capacity increase for high-frequency printed circuit boards at the existing sites in Nanjangud, India and Fehring, Austria. 
  • Start in May 2018 and March 2019, respectively.
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Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd., Japan’s largest trade show organiser, held 47th NEPCON JAPAN from January 17 to 19 in Tokyo. The show is Asia's largest exhibition for electronics manufacturing R&D and manufacturing technology consisting of 7 fairs.

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Micron 5200 SATA Enterprise SSDs Empower Fast, Consistent Quality of Service for Business-Critical Virtualized Workloads and Cloud Architectures. Micron Technology,launched the Micron® 5200 series of SATA solid state drives (SSDs), maintaining industry-leading performance, consistency, capacity, reliability, and overall infrastructure value. Built on Micron's new industry-leading 64-layer 3D NAND technology, the Micron 5200 series of SSDs offers a cost-optimized SATA platform for business-critical virtualized workloads that cripple on a hard drive, such as OLTP, BI/DSS, VDI, block/object and media streaming.

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Driven by application diversification, IPDs continue their promising growth, announces Yole Développement (Yole). Miniaturization and integration are key drivers in electronic devices. This is even more critical in several consumer applications, where thinner devices mean higher integration levels, necessitating low-profile components.

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GE Ventures and FLEXCEED announced that FLEXCEED has been granted a patent license and technology transfer of a next-generation packaging solution based on polyimide film substrates embedded with electronic components for power electronics called Power OverLay (POL)*1. This license and technology transfer deal, signed in February, 2017, is a strategic collaboration between GE and FLEXCEED in both technology and business development. Detailed information about launching POL business will be advised at a later date.

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The MEMS packaging market will grow from US$2.56 billion in 2016 to US$6.46 billion in 2022, showing a 16.7% CAGR over this period, according to Yole Développement (Yole) report, MEMS Packaging 2017. Driven by the complexity associated with the move to 5G and therefore the increasing demand for RF filters in 4G/5G, the largest MEMS growth will be for RF MEMS, especially BAW filters. Optical MEMS including micro mirrors and micro bolometers are second with a 28.5% CAGR, driven by consumer, automotive, and security applications.

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Upcoming Events

> 3D Systems Summit
(January 28 - January 30, Dresden, Germany)

> TestConX 2019
(March 3 - March 6, Mesa, Arizona, USA)

> 15th International Conference and Exhibition on DEVICE PACKAGING
(March 4 - March 7, Fountain Hills, Arizona USA)


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