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Many large companies and startups are currently working on microLED technologies for display applications: from LED makers such as Epistar, Nichia or Osram to display makers like AUO, BOE or CSOT and OEMs  such as Apple or Facebook/Oculus. Due to the multiplicity of players and the diversity of strategies, KnowMade, part of Yole Group of Companies underlines a complex and heavy patent landscape.

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A recently published Google’s patent application describes an ‘Integrated mobile device packaging and virtual reality headset’. The concept is to provide a ‘relatively low cost’ VR headset solution by shipping the smartphone in packaging that doubles as a VR viewer.

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Visteon – a technology actor in automotive cockpit electronics – is launching its latest advancements in windshield head-up display (HUD) technology, including an innovative augmented reality (AR) driving solution that combines a view of the vehicle’s road ahead with audio, light and video to create a multi-modal experience designed to enhance the driver’s situational awareness.

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Kopin a developer of innovative wearable computing technologies and solutions,provided an update on its business initiatives and reported financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal 2016 ended December 31, 2016.

  • Partnership with Goertek on track to produce three new headsets in 2017
  • New lightning OLED Display to drive VR industry
  • Four CES 2017 innovation awards
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The relationship between technology and jobs is center stage in the policy and academic debate. The discussion reveals a fascinating, troubling contradiction. On the one hand, there is widespread fear that innovation will lead to a loss of jobs and rising income inequality — the “race against the machines” narrative. On the other, the slowdown in productivity growth across advanced economies has led some economists to argue that new innovations have no impact on growth.

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A team of researchers lead by Moonsub Shim, a professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign, IL), is developing a novel type of LED. The so-called nanorod LED is a switchable device that can be a high brightness emitter when in one mode of operation and a visible light detector when in a second mode.

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