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Jackson Square is a neighborhood in San Francisco inhabited by companies brimming with ideas of integrating designs into new technologies born in Silicon Valley. At the center of this design-centric area is Samsung Design Innovation Center, which is responsible for the designs of Samsung Electronics’ new products and services.The foldable phone is a breakthrough in technology innovation,” Casalegno said at a press event.

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A former Magic Leap engineer believes the problem with most consumer-facing augmented headsets on the market is their bulky size.“You wouldn’t want to wear them for more than one hour,” Xu Chi, founder and chief executive officer of Nreal told me as he put on a bright orange headgear that looked just like plastic Ray-Ban shades. Called Light and powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor, Nreal’s first-generation mixed reality glasses officially launched at Las Vegas’ tech trade show CES this week.

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Top Manufacturers to Unveil Latest Products with Company’s Mini LED & Advanced Micro LED Chips

XIAMEN, China, Jan. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SANAN OPTOELECTRONICS CO.,(Sanan Optoelectronics), the world’s best light-emitting diode (LED) epitaxial wafer and chip manufacturer, announced that several panel manufacturers for TVs, digital displays, smartphones, smart watches, augmented / virtual reality (AR/VR) goggles, and gaming notebooks have unveiled new products this week using the company’s latest Mini LED and advanced Micro LED chips at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Since the technology debuted at CES , the company has led the industry in large-scale production of RGB Mini LEDs, and has complimented its portfolio with R&D advancements and capacity investments for Micro LED, including 27 applied patents and key partnerships.

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Aixtron, a provider of deposition equipment, has announced that the Taiwanese Micro LED firm Playnitride, will receive an AIX G5+ C MOCVD system for the manufacturing of GaN-based Micro LEDs. They companies have also signed a joint collaboration agreement to technically and commercially work together.Micro LED technology is a major challenger to existing display technology for next-gen consumer products. Displays made of Micro LEDs consist of micron-sized LED arrays forming individual sub-pixel elements.

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The Boe-Rohinni jv makes thin-film micro and mini led based backlights economically available to the lcd industry for the first time

_Paves the way for high-volume, high-performance micro and mini LED display backlighting for LCDs

_Thin, flexible and ultra-bright backlighting creates new possibilities for design and product differentiation

_Combines BOE’s LCD panel and module expertise with Rohinni’s innovative lighting technology

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Samsung reveals new Micro LED sizes, shapes and configurations that push the limits of traditional TV Displays at First Look Event. Samsung Electronics today introduced its latest innovations in modular MicroLEDdisplay technology during its annual First Look CES event at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The revolutionary new Micro LED technology designs featured at the event included: a new 75” display, a 219” The Wall as well as other various groundbreaking sizes, shapes and configurations for a next-generation modular Micro LED display – a 2019 CES Best of Innovation Award winner.

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