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Konica Minolta and Innovation Network of Japan (“INCJ”) announced the close of their joint acquisition of Ambry Genetics Corporation (“Ambry”) on October 19, 2017.

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ReWalk Robotics & Harvard's Wyss Institute are collaborating on design for soft Exosuit for stroke survivors.

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Announcement marks 2PG’s first agriculture agreement; Initial assays will target biomolecule detection in crops, pests and pathogens to improve lab and in-field testing efficiencies.

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Company remains on-track to Submit 510(k) application in 2017. TearLab provided an update on the regulatory strategy for its TearLab Discovery™ System, the Company’s next-generation in-vitro diagnostics testing platform. Based on a reassessment of its regulatory and reimbursement considerations, the Company has elected to pursue initial U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance of a test card measuring a single inflammatory biomarker, MMP-9, in combination with our FDA cleared osmolarity test.

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Company closes Series A and launches Tapestri to accelerate the discovery, development and delivery of precision medicine.

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• World’s first 7T MRI scanner cleared for clinical imaging
• Scanner has over twice the SNR of 3T MRI for higher resolution and faster acquisition times in clinical applications
• 50 percent lighter 7T magnet integrates easily into clinical environments

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Status of the Microfluidics Industry
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Currently worth a few million dollars, the emerging organs-on-chips market has the potential to become a multi-billion dollar market

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