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As new implantable devices continue to shrink, the race is on for similarly-sized reliable power sources. Current state-of-the art implantables often depend on chunky batteries that suffer from limited lifetimes, with a typical pacemaker battery lasting around eight years. While some techniques have successfully harvested power from biological processes such as heart beats or from body heat, most devices require significantly more energy.

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POC Medical Systems unveiled a rapid, portable breast cancer screening test, MammoAlert based on its Pandora CDx microfluidics-based platform. Smt Amruta Fadnavis, Hon. Dr Deepak Sawant - Health Minister, Hon. Minister Shri Prakash Mehta - Housing Department, Hon Minister Smt Vidya Thakur - Women and Child Development and Shri Sunil Oza, Sahaprabhari, Uttar Pradesh were present for the global unveiling.

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Analytik Jena announced that it has partnered with Illumina to develop and commercialize an automated ultra high-throughput sample preparation system based on the companies' respective technologies.

Under the terms of the deal, the firms will work together to create specially configured versions of Analytik Jena's CyBio Felix automated liquid handling platform to enable the preparation of up to six reaction plates with Illumina's Infinium XT reagents for 2,304- or 4,608-sample BeadChip chemistries in downstream processes.

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With the launch of the Edora series, BIOTRONIK brings the highest functionality to its smallest pacemakers as well as cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemakers (CRT-Ps). The new devices are equipped with features geared towards improving patient safety, therapy and comfort. Moreover, Edora pacemakers are significantly smaller and lighter than preceding models, achieving compactness and full functionality without compromising battery life.

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Financing to drive commercialization of next generation biotechnology instrumentation for drug discovery and development. RedShift BioAnalytics, an innovative provider of bioanalytical instrumentation for the research, development and manufacturing of protein therapeutic drugs, announced the closing of the Company’s $11.0 million Series C Preferred Stock financing.

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According to IBM, labs on a chip have the potential to become nanotechnology health detectives – providing the ability to trace what it calls ‘invisible clues in our bodily fluids’ and letting us know whether we need to see a doctor.

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