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The start-up Lunaphore, which is developing a rapid and precise system for cancer detection, won the PERL Prize (Entrepreneurial Prize for the Lausanne region).

Awarding 50,000 Swiss francs to the winner, the prize is intended for innovative start-ups in the region.
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The Little Things Factory is now in the position to offer a wide range of reactors and fluidic chips made of quartz (fused silica).

In contrast to other glass materials, quartz glass provides a variety of advantageous product properties. These include inter alia

High transmission in the ultraviolet range
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Very high temperature stability
  • Very high thermal resistance
  • Very high thermal shock resistance
  • High purity of the material
  • Low own fluorescence
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Myriad Genetics joins existing venture investor syndicate to support RainDance’s growth as a leading provider of genetic research technologies.

RainDance CEO Roopom Banerjee said, "due to accelerating growth and customer adoption of our genetic research products" it is more than doubling its current space and tripling its manufacturing capacity in its move from Lexington to Billerica. Banerjee is pictured here with his executive team. From left: Roch Kelly (SVP, Operations), Darren Link (co-founder VP R&D), Laura, Deming (SVP, Product Development), Andy Watson (Chief Commercial Officer), Rose Villandry (VP, HR), and Banerjee.
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A “Design for Manufacturing” Guidebook for the Design of Microfluidic Devices.

There is considerable demand for devices that can quickly identify pathogens in blood accurately, that can monitor response to medication, or check the safety of food and water. In recent years several microfluidics-based devices for these and other “point of use” applications have entered the market. At the same time, hardly a day goes by without an announcement from a university group presenting a novel solution for another unmet need.
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Sphere Fluidics and The Dolomite Centre Ltd. have now signed an exclusive distributor agreement for Sphere Fluidics' trademarked range of unique biochips, surfactants and other specialist chemicals for picodroplet applications. These will be promoted and sold via Dolomite’s worldwide sales channels.

Dr Robert Marchmont, Commercial Director of Sphere Fluidics, stated: “We are very impressed with Dolomite’s technical, manufacturing and commercial expertise in the area of microfluidics and are now pleased to strengthen our current relationship with this new agreement. Specifically, we see great synergy between our scientific development and their Productizing Science® skills and sales & marketing reach. We are looking forward to further growing our successful partnership.” Mr Lee Jeffries, COO of Dolomite, said: “Picodroplets are a fascinating and fast growing area of research, especially useful where tests need to be conducted on picolitres of sample containing, for example, single cells or biologically-important molecules. Sphere Fluidics’ scientific know-how and capability in the core areas of picodroplet based technology will enable Dolomite to enhance our market leading microfluidic system solutions, by offering unique capabilities in picodroplet generation, isolation and analysis.”
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RESEARCHERS at the A*STAR Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology have developed an infrared-based approach which allows the patterning of tiny circuits without high-temperature processing.

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