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Announcement marks 2PG’s first agriculture agreement; Initial assays will target biomolecule detection in crops, pests and pathogens to improve lab and in-field testing efficiencies.

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Genomics-focused fund will support breakthroughs in life science research, clinical diagnostics, novel therapeutic platforms, and other technologies impacting human health. Illumina Ventures, an independent, early-stage venture capital firm, announced that it has raised $230 million for its first fund. 

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GenePOC announces the launch of its Group B Streptococcus Direct Swab (DS) molecular test in Europe. GenePOC, a member of the Debiopharm Group, is proud to announce the launch of its 2nd assay this year, GenePOC™ GBS DS, for use on the revogene instrument. GenePOC GBS DS at intrapartum will aid to minimize the risk of GBS transmission from the mother to their newborn and will help to optimize antibiotic stewardship.

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• World’s first 7T MRI scanner cleared for clinical imaging
• Scanner has over twice the SNR of 3T MRI for higher resolution and faster acquisition times in clinical applications
• 50 percent lighter 7T magnet integrates easily into clinical environments

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Illumina, announced the availability of the NovaSeq S4 flow cell, reagent kit and NovaSeq Xp workflow for its NovaSeq™ 6000 System. Flow cell innovation is key to unlocking the power and flexibility of the NovaSeq platform and the release of this new flow cell and workflow extends the capabilities of the platform to empower high intensity sequencing across a wide range of sequencing methods.

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The long-read, real-time, portable MinION sequencer is now being used by researchers across China, who are working on myriad DNA sequencing applications including pathogen research, human genetics, plant genetics, animal genetics, and metagenomics. Chinese researchers are also preparing to start cDNA and direct RNA sequencing projects.

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Status of the Microfluidics Industry
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Status of the Microfluidics Industry
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Currently worth a few million dollars, the emerging organs-on-chips market has the potential to become a multi-billion dollar market

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