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MEMS & Sensors

Yole Développement’s (Yole) release of Sensors for Robotic Vehicles 2018 comes just as dramatic developments in this field have happened in Arizona and California. But we, at Yole would like to give another, different, view of the autonomous vehicle landscape at the start of 2018. We have made a few graphs from the 2017 Californian reports for when autonomous mode has been disengaged, and our analysis follows.

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NavVis M6 is a next-generation indoor mobile mapping system designed to overcome the scale and quality constraints of today’s reality capture technology. NavVis, a global forerunner in mobile indoor mapping, visualization, and navigation, announces the launch of M6, a next-generation indoor mobile mapping system that overcomes the scalability and data quality constraints of today’s reality capture technology. Surveyors and AEC professionals can now use reality capture technology for demanding applications, such as large-scale indoor mapping projects, factory planning, creating and updating as-built BIM models and construction monitoring.

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People are remarkably good at focusing their attention on a particular person in a noisy environment, mentally “muting” all other voices and sounds. Known as the cocktail party effect, this capability comes natural to us humans. However, automatic speech separation — separating an audio signal into its individual speech sources — while a well-studied problem, remains a significant challenge for computers.

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Sony announced that through Sony's US subsidiary, Sony America, it has entered into an agreement with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to collaborate on artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics research. Initial research and development efforts will focus on optimizing food preparation, cooking and delivery. This area of research and development was selected because the technology necessary for a robot to handle the complex and varied task of food preparation and delivery could be applied to a broader set of skills and industries.

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Researchers at Purdue university and Stanford University believe they have found a novel laser light sensing technology that is more robust and less expensive than currently available with a wide range of uses, including a way to guide fully autonomous vehicles.The researchers say their innovation is orders of magnitude faster than conventional leading-edge laser beam steering devices that use phased antenna-array technology. The laser beam steering being tested and used by Purdue and Stanford is based on light-matter interaction between a silicon-based metasurface and short light pulses produced for example by a mode-locked laser with a frequency-comb spectrum.

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Horizon Robotics gets strong team, funding. An ambitious startup in Beijing has started shipping systems using its own designs for machine-learning SoCs. Horizon Robotics ultimately aims to power millions of cars and smart cameras with its AI chips. The startup adds fuel to China’s claims it will take a leading role in machine learning. Horizon’s chief executive sits on the country’s committee driving a national initiative in AI. Founded in July 2015, Horizon’s top executives come from AI groups at Baidu and Facebook and the chip division of Huawei.

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