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MEMS & Sensors

Samples and evaluation kits of industry’s first 3D SSL system-on-chip ships to first partners for autonomous driving applications. LeddarTech has delivered the first A-samples of its LeddarCore LCA2 system-on-chip (SoC) to select automotive partners that will be publicly disclosed at a later date this year.

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The use of ultrasound for industrial and medical applications has a long and colorful history. Starting in 1965, the commercial potential of ultrasound took off, particularly for medical uses. Today, many different industries benefit from the advancement of ultrasound technology.
The ultrasound industry is stable and mature, with key markets such as non-destructive testing, automotive and medical constantly delivering new technological developments. But new consumer markets such as fingerprint sensors for smartphones and gesture recognition are now looking at this technology, injecting vibrancy.

Yole Développement’s (Yole) describes in the “Ultrasound Sensing Technologies for Medical, Industrial and Consumer Applications” report how the ultrasonic transducer ecosystem will evolve, and how Micro-machined ultrasound transducer (MUT) technologies will rapidly penetrate the ultrasound market.

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Article writen for nature - The race to develop self-driving cars means that optical LiDAR is forecast to become a US$5 billion market within 5 years. Photonics start-ups in the area are finding themselves at the centre of a frenzy of acquisition and investment.

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Implantation of a stent-like flow diverter can offer one option for less invasive treatment of brain aneurysms – bulges in blood vessels – but the procedure requires frequent monitoring while the vessels heal. Now, a multi-university research team has demonstrated proof-of-concept for a highly flexible and stretchable sensor that could be integrated with the flow diverter to monitor hemodynamics in a blood vessel without costly diagnostic procedures.

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Novel chip keeps time using the constant, measurable rotation of molecules as a timing reference. MIT researchers have developed the first molecular clock on a chip, which uses the constant, measurable rotation of molecules — when exposed to a certain frequency of electromagnetic radiation — to keep time. The chip could one day significantly improve the accuracy and performance of navigation on smartphones and other consumer devices.

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Cepton Technologies, a provider of 3D LiDAR solutions for automotive, industrial, and mapping applications, today announced it will provide Koito Manufacturing, a tier-one supplier of exterior automotive lighting, with its miniaturized LiDAR solution for autonomous driving.

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