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Power Electronics

From Beethoven to Beyoncé and from the Allman Brothers to ZZ Top, your music sounds better with higher highs, lower lows, and less harmonic distortion. From heavy-duty industrial cutting lasers to delicate, precise medical lasers, the result is better with fast turn-on, fast turn-off, and short duration power pulses. DC-DC converters for Data Center and high-density wireless chargers require exceptional switching performance in their power stages. The key electrical components that make this all happen are ultrafast power transistors and speedy transistor drivers to deliver precise, megahertz pulses of energy to the intended loads.

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Disruptive technologies are driving the steady growth of the silicon power 100V MOSFET industry. The overall 41-100V MOSFETs market reached US$1.3 billion in 2016 and is expected to be US$1.8 billion in 2022 .
Under this dynamic context, System Plus Consulting’s experts are following the technical advances and the evolution of the manufacturing costs of the 100V MOSFET devices, dedicated to industrial applications.

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Proterra’s new battery facility is capable of producing over 500 megawatt hours of high-voltage battery packs on an annual basis to support the growing demand for heavy-duty electric vehicle applications

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Commercial power GaN devices have now been around now for seven years, with the first device introduced to the market by EPC in 2010. Yole Développement estimates that the market will be around $20M in 2017, with even greater opportunities and growth potential. The total GaN power device market will be worth more than $450M in 2022, according to Yole’s report ‘Power GaN 2017: Epitaxy, Devices, Applications, and Technology Trends’.

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-New battery realizes driving range of electric vehicles boosted to 320km on 6-minute, ultra-rapid recharge, triple that possible with current lithium-ion battery.

・New anode material, titanium niobium oxide achieves double the capacity of the anode of current lithium-ion batteries.

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Mazda Motor (Mazda), DENSO (DENSO), and Toyota Motor (Toyota) signed a contract to jointly develop basic structural technologies for electric vehicles. Furthermore, the three companies have also decided to establish a new company consisting of selected engineers from the three companies to ensure the efficient implementation of the joint technological development projects.

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(November 7 - November 7, )

> APEC 2018
(March 4 - March 8, San Antonio, Texas)

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