Nouveau Monde has announced the full electrification of its graphite mine operations

Since graphite plays such an important role in the electrification of transportations through its presence in li-ion batteries, it seemed like a logical next step for our team to embrace all electric mining operations.

In fact, that way NMG would become the first all electric open pit operation in the world. With a carbon neutral vision, our company aims to demonstrate that it cares about our environment and its ecological footprint.

Have a look at the following video to learn more about this spectacular initiative.

The feasibility study conducted by Nouveau Monde Graphite aims at the implementation of the All Electric mining concepts. The results, published on October the 25th 2018, confirm the economic viability of the project and determine how the Saint-Michel-des-Saints graphite deposit will be exploited as part of a carbon neutral project.

Before launching this feasibility study for an all-electric project, in autumn 2017, NMG gathered an international team of experts from world-renowned companies for their know-how: ABB, Doppelmayr Canada, Met-Chem / DRA, Medatech Engineering Services. and SNC-Lavalin.

The close and intensive collaboration between the members of the international team of experts allowed us to revise the initial project presented in the pre-feasibility study (read Press Release of October 25, 2017), by incorporating recognized electrification technology solutions that will ultimately enable NMG to benefit from a cost-effective, fully electric mining plan and operation,” says Karl Trudeau, Chief Operating Officer at NMG.

As a result of this work, this team of experts and NMG’s in-house team have concluded that a fully electric project provides the almost identical maintenance of the overall economic level of the project while significantly improving its environmental aspect and its positive social impact.


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