Opsys tech debuts next generation pure solid-state, scanning microflash LiDAR

Israel-based startup offers less costly automotive-grade LiDAR with greater range and resolution

Opsys Tech debuts the next generation of LiDAR combining the low cost, robustness, and pure solid-state advantages of flash LiDAR with the range and resolution of scanning LiDAR all in one: Scanning Microflash LiDAR.

Opsys Tech provides better than four times the range of flash LiDAR with a superior resolution and scanning rate. The company now offers its SP2.5 Scanning Microflash LiDAR for

testing. The SP2.5 is a pure solid-state system with no moving parts and edge technology that achieves performance levels not seen before with near-infrared-laser-based LiDAR.

At Opsys Tech, we’ve spent three years developing a unique solid-state scanning LiDAR technology that is highly efficient, with a scalable cost structure enabling the best value for users,” said Rafi Harel, Opsys Tech CEO. “We bring significant value by providing high performance alongside a flexible system installation and scalable field of view.

Opsys Tech’s technology enables the use of multiple base sensors into a single LiDAR system, providing an integrated single 4D point cloud with a flexible field of view. This allows

automotive manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, and virtual dedicated server (VDS) suppliers customizable field-of-view configurations for a variety of uses.

Opsys Tech’s patented multi-wavelength technology enables multiple sensors to operate without interference, while maximizing scan rate and eliminating dead zones from the field of view. A control unit then integrates the data from all base sensors to deliver a single 4D point cloud.

Dividing the field of view into 1,000-times-smaller segments than flash LiDAR, the sensor maximizes LiDAR’s power density to capture a greater range while operating under the FDA Class 1 eye-safety limit.

Opsys Tech uses high-density detector arrays coupled with high-density, fully addressable two-dimensional VCSEL arrays (thousands of tiny, pre-focused, semiconductor-based laser arrays) to deliver the resolution, range and scan rate the autonomous-vehicle industry needs.

Opsys Tech Scanning Microflash LiDAR’s ultra-fast scan rate enables multiple measurements per pixel while delivering an unrivaled 30 hertz scan rate for the full field of view under all

conditions. Further, the semiconductor-based structure of Opsys Tech’s pure solid-state, Scanning Microflash LiDAR enables full performance and reliability over a wide range of temperatures and automotive conditions.

Source: https://www.opsys-tech.com/

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