Optics and electronics developers cooperate to promote recycling

Project in Finland aiming to create recyclable, compostable components using renewables.

Companies and research institutes involved in the development of optics and electronics components and systems are to cooperate on “greener” developments in a project managed by VTT Technical Research.

The objective of the two-year Ecotronics project, funded by Business Finland, is to create recyclable and compostable electronics and optics that use renewable resources. VTT is a state owned company that provides research and innovation services and information for domestic and international customers and partners.

VTT gives examples of the types of “greener” technical developments it has in mind: “Smart packages and disposable travel cards are excellent examples of the increasing applications of electronics. Smart packages communicate wirelessly with consumers and the entire supply chain, and disposable travel cards are easy to read remotely by card readers.

Source: https://optics.org/

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