OTI Lumionics and Dai Nippon Printing collaborate on cleaning solution for cathode patterning material for OLED displays

New solutions bring more effective manufacturing of OLED displays, allowing existing OLED mass-production equipment to be used while creating bigger and better transparent displays.

OTI Lumionics, a leader in the development of production-ready advanced materials for consumer electronics, and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP, TOKYO:7912), a leading supplier of the Evaporation masks (EVM) for patterning OLED displays, have collaborated to optimize the use of EVM for the deposition of OTI’s CPM™ material, creating a more effective manufacturing solution for next-generation OLED products.

OTI’s CPM™ materials are applied by customers to solve some of the most challenging problems in manufacturing next-generation displays. Applications of CPM™ have enabled the integration of under-display cameras and sensors with display panels and helped customers build bigger and better transparent displays, among other display innovations. For these new display applications, EVM requires high quality and high precision in order to accurately deposit CPMTM materials onto the substrate. CPMTM deposition using EVM made with DNP’s proprietary microfabrication technology allows panel makers to achieve fine metal patterning with the existing OLED mass-production equipment and process.

Collaborations between DNP and OTI have targeted further optimizations regarding CPM™ deposition with EVM, opening additional process options for consumer electronics manufacturers that are developing future OLED products enabled by OTI’s CPM™.

As a result of this collaboration, DNP has developed a cleaning process for CPM™. This provides customers with a new option for a potentially faster and more efficient EVM cleaning protocol at CPM™ deposition cycles during OLED panel production processes. The solutions for the use of EVM with CPM™ will be available from DNP in the near future.

“Our technical development with DNP allows us to better support the consumer electronics manufacturers we’re working with to develop next-generation OLED products with CPM™,” said Michael G. Helander, President and Chief Executive Officer of OTI Lumionics. “By being able to use existing equipment with new, advanced solutions, our customers can focus on the future of consumer electronics – whether it be under-display cameras, foldable phones or rollable TVs. This collaboration is bringing what we once thought to be futuristic to become a reality.”

“We are very pleased that DNP could establish the EVM cleaning technology together with OTI’s CPMTM materials which bring new design innovation to panel makers. DNP will continue to provide new solutions to panel makers” said Minoru Nakanishi, General Manager of Fine Optronics Division of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. 

Headline image – Courtesy of OTI Lumionics, 2022

Source: http://www.otilumionics.com, http://www.dnp.co.jp/eng

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