Packaging dedicated to automotive electronics is growing to reach more about US$7 billion in 2023

“Automotive is the new El Dorado for microelectronics,” announcesEmilie Jolivet, Director, Semiconductor & Software at Yole Développement (Yole). The market is showing significant market drivers that are daily supporting the growth: electrification, connectivity, autonomy and comfort are the key words of the today’s automotive industry.

Under this dynamic context, the market research and strategy consulting company releases a comprehensive technology & market report focused on advanced packaging solutions for automotive electronic components. 
Titled, Trends in Automotive Packaging, this study identifies and analyzes the major platforms currently used in the automotive industry and points out technical trends related to LiDAR, CIS , radar, power and lighting devices, MEMS and sensors. Yole’s Semiconductor & Software team shares with you their advanced packaging knowledge applied to the automotive sector.

“For the first time, we clearly see packaging innovations for automotive components,”comments Emilie Jolivet from Yole. “Step by step, advanced packaging technologies initially developed for consumer purposes are implemented by Tiers 1 and 2. And the diversity of automotive components is a strong business opportunity for the advanced packaging companies.” Therefore, for the first time, the automotive industry is ready to accept consumer solutions, even for more dedicated applications like powertrain.

Based on the impressive growths of this industry (+7% for automotive sale – +15% for the electronics systems in automotive – And +20% for semiconductors in automotive…), Yole’s report highlights the attractiveness of this historic industry.

Automotive industry: where is advanced packaging implemented? What is the impact of regulations on these solutions? Who are the big advanced packaging big players? The Semiconductor & Software team from Yole invites you to discover the latest advanced packaging trends for the automotive industry… Full article


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