Power module packaging market will grow to around US$3.5 billion by 2026

EV/HEVs are transforming the supply chain with the evolution of substrate, interconnection, and die-attach technologies. Lower cost is starting to win over higher performance.

“In 2020, motor drives represented the most significant power module market with a value of US$1.6 billion,” announced Shalu Agarwal, Ph.D., Power Electronics & Materials Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole). “However, by 2026, EV/HEVs will become the most significant power module market, representing a market value of almost US$3.6 billion. In addition, the power module packaging raw materials market is growing and will reach an impressive US$3.5 billion by 2026.

This market’s promising outlook is beneficial for the power module packaging business, which Yole covers in a new dedicated report: Status of the Power Module Packaging Industry.

This report is one of an impressive collection of power electronics & compound semiconductor reports and monitors offered by Yole. At the beginning of the year, the market research and strategy consulting company already released its annual EV/HEV report, Power Electronics for E-Mobility, presenting the latest technology trends and market evolution in this domain.

Yole also works closely with System Plus Consulting to get an in-depth understanding of the technologies selected by the leading semiconductor companies. For example, System Plus Consulting developed a dedicated reverse engineering and costing report focused on Vitesco Technologies’ power module for the Jaguar I-PACE inverter. This analysis is available today in a dedicated report: Vitesco Technologies Power Module in Jaguar I-PACE Inverter. Supported by a full teardown of the module, this report reveals Vitesco Technologies’ technology choices in packaging as well as the designs of its IGBT and diode chips.

Amine Allouche, Technology & Cost Analyst, Power Electronics at System Plus Consulting, explains: “Power module design, and especially the packaging approach, are at the heart of power electronics innovations. The aim of the leading semiconductor companies is to enhance performance. Today, we find significant innovation in all power module structures, from the baseplate and substrate assembly down to the die attach, through the electrical connection. In Vitesco Technologies’ solution, the module is based on an innovative chip assembly process, including double-sided sintering. To enhance electrical performance, clip connections and substrates are optimized for silver sintering. Moreover, the baseplate is designed specifically for strict automotive performance requirements.”

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Source: http://www.yole.fr

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