5G’s Impact on Telecom Infrastructure 2019

Yole Développement

Network evolution and 5G implementation are driving massive structural changes.

Key features of the report

  • Infrastructure market split by antenna system technology, by region
  • Volumes of infrastructure RF line products, characterized by power level and frequency
  • Key infrastructure players positioning
  • Regional market trends for 5G implementation
  • Technological comprehensive description of 4G/5G networks
  • Explanation of 5G market trends and market interests


Objectives of the report

  • Provide an overview of the 4G/5G telecom infrastructure market
  • Analyze geographical trends regarding 5G adoption and antenna technology/frequency band choices.
  • Outline market evolution from macro antenna systems to individual RF lines, split in frequency and power level.
  • Offer a comprehensive approach of the technologies encompassing 5G, from modulation to signal beamforming.
  • Explain the difference between antenna systems and their role in 5G component characteristic definitions

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