Active and Passive Antenna Systems for Telecom Infrastructure 2019

Yole Développement

The transition to active antenna systems and small cells is changing the technological mix of RF components in telecom infrastructure.


Key features of the report

  • Market forecasts
    • Antenna system volume forecast (units)
    • Component volume forecast per technology platform (units)
    • Power amplifier, driver and pre driver
    • Low noise amplifier
    • Switches
    • Beamformer
    • Market forecast per component and technology platform ($)
    • Wafer start per component and technology platform (kw)
  • Market trends
    • Segmentation in frequency and power
    • Segmentation per antenna system (RRH, AAS, Small cell)
    • Evolution in base station technology
    • Carrier investment and roll out strategy
    • Spectrum allocation
  • Market shares and supply chain
    • Infrastructure ecosystem
    • Players ranking
    • Players’ strategy
    • M&A, collaboration, fundraising
  • Technology trends
    • Base station architecture review per antenna system
    • Power amplifier technology
    • RF switches
    • RF Ffilter
    • Beamformer
    • Outlook


Objectives of the report

  • Provide general market dynamics at antenna system level down to component level for 4G/5G telecom infrastructure.
  • Provide a clear view of the RF frontend architecture in all different telecom infrastructure systems
  • Provide RF component technology platform breakdowns
  • Provide market forecasts down to component, technology platform and wafer levels for telecom infrastructure RF front-ends
  • Provide relevant information regarding the complex RF component value chain

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