Advanced Packaging Quarterly Market Monitor

Yole Développement

Flip chip packaging and Wafer level packaging reach new heights crossing $12 B threshold by 2025 amid coronavirus pandemic as global demand for semiconductor devices soars to new high.

Key features of the monitor

  • Quarterly data update on key Advanced package types such as FCBGA, WLCSP/Fan-In, Fan-Out packages, and 3D stacked packages
  • Market forecast through 2025, in $US, UNITS and WAFER Forecast
  • ASP analysis, per market segment
  • End-product/device application mix
  • Key process-technology mix
  • Supplier market share (TSMC, Semco, Samsung Electronics, Amkor, JCET, ASE w/SPIL, PTI, Nepes, SPIL, Huatian, TFME)
  • Demand forecast through 2025, by category (i.e. mobile, consumer, telecom & infrastructure)
  • CapEx and capacity, per supplier
  • Innovative packaging platforms are covered (3D SoC, Embedded bridge, 2.5D interposer…)


This monitor is not part of our Bundled Offer and full Yole Développement yearly subscription.

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