Advanced Packaging Quarterly Market Monitor

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Investments from the top advanced packaging players over the last two years exceed one third of the market’s value projected for 2027.

Key features of the monitor

  • Direct access to the analyst providing opportunity for Q&A
  • Packaging industry dynamics highlights and analyst point of view
  • Quarterly data update on key advanced package types, including FCCSP, FCBGA, WLCSP/Fan-In, Fan-Out packages, 3D-stacked packages, and SiP
  • Market forecast through 2027, in $US, units and wafers
  • ASP analysis, per market segment
  • End-product/device application mix
  • Key process/technology mix
  • Supplier market shares for TSMC, Semco, Samsung Electronics, Amkor, JCET, ASE w/SPIL, PTI, Nepes, SPIL, Huatian, TFME, SK Hynix and Sony
  • Demand forecast through 2027, by category including mobile, consumer, telecom, and infrastructure
  • CapEx and capacity per supplier

Product objectives

  • The Fan-Out, WLCSP/Fan-In, 3D Stacked, FCBGA, FCCSP and SiP markets are studied
  • Near-term market dynamics on a quarterly basis
  • Long-term market dynamics for 2021-2027
  • CapEx and capacity per major player
  • Market shares of leading OSATs/Foundries/IDMs
  • Package ASP per given market/platform
  • Device/application adoption for advanced packaging technologies

What’s new

  • End systems updated in all modules
  • FCBGA, FCCSP and UHD FO ASPs were revised and updated to reflect substrate price increase
  • CIS forecast was updated impacting overall 2.5D and 3D forecast
  • 2.5D and 3D stacked packaging platforms segmentation update
  • UTAC’s revenue was updated, YoY and the OSAT ranking was updated accordingly
  • More Chinese OSATs were added to the list of main players to get a better understanding of the strengthening of this growing ecosystem
  • A study on the top 10 Chinese OSATs was added
  • New commercial products using advanced packaging technology were announced or released


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