Application Processor Quarterly Market Monitor

Yole Développement

With the rise of computing at the edge, the application processor market will see inflections, creating threats and opportunities across the ecosystem.

Key features of the monitor

  • Quarterly data update
  • Market forecast through 2025, in $US, units
  • ASP analysis, per market segment
  • Die size trend, per market segment
  • Key process-technology mix
  • Supplier market share (Samsung, Apple, Qualcomm, Hisilicon, Mediatek, Spreadtrum) in terms of units and $US
  • Foundry market share (TSMC, Samsung,) in terms of units, $US, and wafers
  • CapEx and capacity, per foundry


This monitor is not part of our Bundled Offer and full Yole Développement yearly subscription.

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