Processor Quarterly Market Monitor

Yole Développement

The processor market continues to see record revenues as chiplet and AI innovation continue apace

Key features of the monitor

  • Direct access to the analyst
  • Quarterly data update
  • Market forecast through 2027, in $US, units
  • ASP analysis, per market segment
  • Die size trend, per market segment
  • Key process-technology mix
  • Supplier market share (Samsung, Apple, Qualcomm, Hisilicon, Mediatek, UniSoC, AMD, Intel, Nvidia) in terms of units and $US
  • Foundry market share (TSMC, Samsung,) in terms of units, $US, and wafers
  • CapEx and capacity, per foundry

What’s new

Q1-2022 update of the processor market monitor. New material examining the trend of multi-chip solutions (like chiplets) in the CPU and GPU space

Product objectives

  • Provide clients with key processor market metrics
  • Examine the technological trends within the processor market and discuss their impact on the market
  • Provide representations of designer and foundry market shares for key processor segments
  • Investigate the financial performance of the leading players in the processor market


This monitor is not part of our Bundled Offer and full Yole Développement yearly subscription.

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