Artificial Intelligence Computing for Automotive 2019

Yole Développement

Artificial Intelligence for automotive: why you should care

Key features of the report

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)technologies used in automotive
  • Cloud computing and edgecomputing for AI
  • Types of hardware for advanceddriver-assistance systems (ADAS),robotic vehicles, and infotainment
  • Ecosystems, market forecast, andtrends
  • AI software design and players’ strategies

Objectives of the report

  • Provide a scenario for AI within the dynamics of the autonomous automotive market, and understand AI’s impact on the semiconductor industry:
    • Hardware for AI – Revenue forecast, volume shipments forecast
    • Systems – Applications service providers forecast, revenue forecast, volume shipments forecast
    • Focus on autonomous automotive
  • Offer an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem and players:
    • Who are the players? What are the relationships inside this ecosystem? Who will win the “autonomous battle”?
    • Who are the key suppliers to watch, and what technologies do they provide?
  • Deliver key technical insight & analysis regarding future technology trends and challenges:
    • Key technology choices
    • Technology dynamics
    • Emerging technologies

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