Automotive Advanced Front-Lighting Systems 2019

Yole Développement

Headlamp digitalization is driving automotive lighting’s growth and technological evolution.

What’s new

  • Automotive exterior front lighting system – Design and manufacturing
  • LED technology miniaturization approach – Enabling slim headlight design
  • Technology roadmaps for light sources – LEDs and lasers
  • Building blocks of advanced front-lighting system (AFLS) architecture – Including lighting, sensing, computing, and software control
  • AFLS lighting technologies – Efficacy aspects, FOV, accuracy, and ADB lighting scenes as a function of resolution
  • AFLS penetration into different car segments
  • LED-based headlamps – Pricing and cost breakdown

Key features

  • Automotive lighting – Market analysis
  • Automotive lighting – Industry analysis, including Tier-1 players
  • Automotive lighting – Technology analysis, including LEDs and lasers
  • Automotive lighting – System development and manufacturing analysis
  • Automotive AFLS – Roadmap analysis

Report objectives

  • Analyze the current status and future trends related to automotive front-lighting market applications
  • Review the automotive lighting industry’s structure and future trends
  • Examine the AFLS used for automotive applications, and the associated roadmaps
  • Provide market insights for 2015 – 2024 regarding automotive lighting applications

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