BioMEMS Market and Technology 2020

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Pressure, inertial, MEMS ultrasound, microfluidic chips and other sensors are driving the growth of the life sciences and healthcare market.


  • A dedicated part on the COVID-19 impact at the sensor and end system level
  • Analysis of the dynamics of the market in the short and long terms due to the pandemic
  • Comparison of the different product developments and production cycle times and what to expect to reach the healthcare market
  • Top BioMEMS ranking for IDMs (Integrated Device Manufacturers) and fabless companies
  • Discussion of player origins: industrial, consumer and challenges to access to BioMEMS applications
  • Analysis of emerging BioMEMS sensors: design, integration and usage challenges


  • The key drivers of the healthcare system transformation and MEMS sensor advantages
  • BioMEMS time to market to consider to serve healthcare industry
  • COVID-19 impact on market trends– short term impact forecast (2019-2020)
  • BioMEMS market forecast 2019-2025 in value ($) and shipment(units)
  • Market trends and main player market shares per BioMEMS device
  • Ecosystem and supply chain, including top BioMEMS players, MEMS foundries serving BioMEMS market
  • Technology trends: main technologies and drivers, challenges of the healthcare market


  • The BioMEMS report is a comprehensive overview of MEMS devices including pressure sensors, microphones, inertial MEMS, microfluidic chips, microdispensers, optical MEMS, MUT flow meters, gas and humidity sensors integrated or used in the life science and healthcare domains
  • It provides the latest main information and key facts of the BioMEMS industry
  • It forecasts the BioMEMS market from 2019 to 2025 with graphics and market trends explanations
  • The report helps to understand the dynamics of the market and the competitive landscape for strategic decision making
  • It enables readers to understand the challenges for MEMS companies who want to serve the  healthcare sector at the economic and technological level

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