BioMEMS & Non-Invasive Sensors: Microsystems for Life Sciences & Healthcare 2018

Yole Développement

A new wave of sensors, responding to the challenge of global healthcare transformation, opens new business opportunities for mobile healthcare and emerging non-invasive devices



  • Focus on mobile healthcare (mHealth) and sensor requirements
  • Sensor technology trends for mHealth and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
  • Specific section on non-invasive sensors
  • Introduction of new sensor technologies: printed electronics
  • Changes in business models, and value chain impact
  • Integration of optical MEMS sensors
  • Description of emerging MEMS: ultrasonic sensors (CMUT & PMUT), neural implants, and more


  • How healthcare is transforming,and the impact on MEMS/BioMEMS sensors
  • Key drivers for BioMEMS device usage
  • BioMEMS sensors used: key application per device type (pressure sensors, accelerometers, microphones, microfluidics, ultrasonic sensors, etc..)
  • Global bioMEMS market: key metrics, in volume and value for the period 2017 – 2023, market dynamics (CAGR2017-2023)
  • Focus on components: market forecast, major players, market share, supply chain
  • Technology trends contributing to new healthcare applications
  • How are emerging non-invasive sensors responding to healthcare’s new challenges?


This report’s objectives are to:

  • Explain which MEMS are used in which healthcare applications, and why
  • Provide an overview of the main players at every level of the supply chain, including market share
  • Identify the threats and opportunities related to bioMEMS, along with market and technology trends
  • Highlight promising technologies and booming applications
  • Compare the bioMEMS market to the global MEMS market and explain the similarities/differences
  • Discuss where and how bioMEMS will be used in the future

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