Chinese Microfluidics Industry 2018

Yole Développement

Will the Chinese microfluidics industry change the worldwide microfluidic landscape?



  • Mapping of Chinese microfluidic players
  • Analysis of both local and foreign players’ sales and positioning in China
  • Market landscape overview
  • Comparison between China and other countries
  • Drivers for microfluidics adoption in China
  • Market data and forecasts 2017 – 2023 for microfluidic-based products and for microfluidic devices, in volume (units) and in value ($M)
  • Analysis of the dynamic applications, with a focus on next-generation sequencing
  • Supply and value chain analysis, with overview of Chinese players’ capabilities and limitations
  • Company profiles
  • First-level patent analysis



  • Publish a global vision of the Chinese microfluidic market, taking into account real industrial concerns along the whole supply chain, and considering Chinese and foreign players
  • Identify microfluidics applications in China and understand the associated ecosystem
  • Identify the local technologies and understand their ability to answer market needs
  • Map players at each level of the supply chain
  • Explain how Chinese players compare to Western players in terms of expertise, know-how, capabilities, and how they work together, and understand whether they can threaten Western players
  • Examine how this ecosystem might evolve
  • Provide 2016 – 2017 market data and furnish forecasts for 2017 – 2023
  • Deliver a brief overview of China’s microfluidic IP landscape
  • Provide company profiles for all identified Chinese players

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