Compound Semiconductor Market Monitor

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Two compound semiconductors, SiC and GaN, have become key segments in the power semiconductor industry.

What’s new

  • Module I:
    • SiC power
      The database is calibrated with the input of chip size, ASP of both device and wafer, and market trends.
      By calibrating the ramp-up of 800V EV and SiC penetration in the forecast period, along with adjustment of SiC penetration in different applications, such as telecom power supply and rail traction, the forecast of 2021-2027 is available in this quarter.
    • GaN power
      We updated our end-systems database, and GaN adoption rate in consumer, telecom and industrial applications. The forecast of 2021-2027 is available in this quarter.
  • Module II:
    • RF GaN
      The forecast of 2027 is implemented, by reviewing the latest trends in relevant market, for example the base-station deployment in telecom applications.
      In this quarter, we updated the key parameters. Chip size of PA used in the systems us adjusted by aligning the latest teardown reports from System Plus Consulting. Telecom as one of the major market for RF GaN, the database of end systems has been calibrated with industrial feedback to reflect the global slowdown of deployment and regional difference.
      Meanwhile, the adoption of RF GaN technology for different OEMs is taken into consideration. In this context, the penetration of RF GaN has been calibrated to reflect the market dynamics in the forecast period to 2027.

Key features

  • COVID-19 impact analysis
  • Quarterly update of the data
  • Market forecast from 2020 to 2027 in M$US for devices, wafers and epiwafers and units for wafers and epiwafers for Power SiC, Power GaN, RF GaN applications
  • Market forecast through 2027 by market segment including automotive, consumer, telecom and energy in M$US revenue
  • Market forecast breakdown by technology including discretes, modules and wafer sizes


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