Computing and AI for Automotive 2022

Yole Développement

Processing for ADAS and infotainment in cars will expand threefold in the next five years as adjacent markets advance and stimulate innovation

Key features

  • Types of hardware for ADAS, AD, and infotainment
  • Car architecture evolution
  • Processors for ADAS, AD and infotainment forecast by volume, ASP and revenue
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies used in automotive
  • Ecosystems, supply chain, market share, market forecast, and trends
  • Processor for ADAS, AD and infotainment technology trends

What’s new

  • A broader focus on computing and not only on AI
  • Forecasts for car architecture centralization
  • Processors for radars and lidars are integrated in the analysis and forecast
  • Specific focus on in-cabin sensing, with driver system monitoring and occupant systems monitoring, with market forecast
  • Market forecast for infotainment processors

Product objectives

  • Give an overview of computing for ADAS and AD, in-cabin sensing and infotainment:
    • Where processors can be found and what the dynamics are for car architectures
    • Which technologies are used and how they are evolving
    • Processor volume shipment forecast, ASP forecast, revenue forecast with technology and application breakdowns
  • Provide a scenario for AI within the dynamics of the autonomous automotive market, and present an understanding of AI’s impact on the semiconductor industry:
    • Hardware for AI – revenue and volume shipment forecasts
    • Focus on autonomous cars: ADAS and robotic vehicles
  • Deliver an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem and players:
    • Who are the players? What are the relationships inside this ecosystem? Who will win the “autonomous” battle?
    • Who are the key suppliers to watch, and what technologies do they provide?
  • Offer key technical insights and analyses into future technology trends and challenges:
    • Key technology choices
    • Technology dynamics
    • Emerging technologies and roadmaps

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