Connected Medical Devices Market and Business Models 2017

Yole Développement

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) powers industry momentum in digital health and reinvents healthcare organization



  • Overview of clinically certified connected medical devices and devices for people’s assistance
  • Definition of connected devices, IoMT in the context of digital health
  • Introduction and trends for connectivity and typical architecture for an IoMT project
  • Description of the drivers for the adoption of connected medical devices and devices for assistance
  • Segmentation of connected medical devices and assistance devices in four categories: Implanted devices; self-monitoring devices; professionally oriented devices; and assistance devices for people lacking autonomy
  • Market forecast for major connected medical devices, assistance devices and associated MEMS sensors
  • Technology drivers for connected medical devices
  • Example of new business models induced by IoMT: Who pays? Who prescribes?
  • The major players, supply and value chain in IoMT
  • Regulations and security aspects for connected medical devices



  • This report introduces the concept of IoMT and related medical devices in an increasingly connected world.
  • It describes how the health organization is changing with new business models to create, and new value creation from generated data.
  • It evaluates the market of connected devices, gives penetration rates compared to nonconnected devices and analyzes the dynamics.
  • It identifies the medical device and assistance device main players, giving an overview of the main products and developments.
  • The report gives a selected list of technology drivers and trends.
  • It informs readers about regulations, connectivity protocols and security for data exchanges.

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