Displays and Optics for AR & VR 2020

Yole Développement

Optics are getting ready – now MicroLED displays are the next roadblock for the implementation of augmented reality.

What’s new

  • Technology status and trends
  • Bill of materials approach to consumer trends; how to trade off on technology to enable a compelling headset
  • Shipment volumes and values for displays and optics in headsets
  • Use cases: What is there for the consumer and what should be there? What is the role of OEMs?
  • Supply chain and industry establishment

Key features of the report

  • Analysis of key challenges related to AR & VR systems
  • Technical analysis of displays and optics for AR & VR, and associated roadmaps
  • Analysis of related industrial and technological ecosystems
  • Market analysis/forecast for displays and optics

Objectives of the report

Understand the status of displays and optics technologies in AR & VR:

  • Recent progress
  • What are the remaining pinch points?
  • What are the trade-offs that will drive adoption? Status, trends and roadmaps for consumer adoption

Competitive landscape and supply chain:

  • Identify the key players in technology development and manufacturing. Who is taking the lead? Key partnerships
  • Scenarios and impacts for the supply chain

Market insights:

  • AR & VR numbers of headsets
  • Subsequent volume and value for displays and optics
  • Focus on waveguides and microdisplays, enabling the transition towards consumers

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