DRAM Quarterly Market Monitor

Yole Développement

The DRAM rocket ship is fueled up and ready for blast off to reach 120B$ by 2022 due to limited supply coupled with resurgent demand

Key features of the monitor

  • Market forecast through 2025 in Gb, US$, units, wafers, $/Gb
  • Supplier market shares (Micron, Nanya, Powerchip, Samsung, SK Hynix, Winbond) from 2015 to present by revenue (US$), bit shipments (Gb), geography (US$),segment (US$), average selling price ($/Gb)
  • Demand forecast through 2025 by category (PC, data center, mobile, consumer, Auto…) in units, revenue (US$), bit demand (Gb)
  • Production forecast through 2025 by supplier for wafer production (wpm, by Fab), bit production (Gb, by Fab), process mix (% of wafers), average process node (nm, bit basis & wafer basis), average Gb per wafer


This monitor is not part of our Bundled Offer and full Yole Développement yearly subscription.

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