Emerging Non-Volatile Memory 2018

Yole Développement

After more than 15 years in development, PCM has finally taken off in stand-alone applications.
STT-MRAM will lead the embedded memory race.




  • Redefinition of embedded market segments, highlighting newly emerging artificial intelligence (AI) applications as well as eDynamic Random Access Memory (eDRAM)/Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) replacement in mobile AP and high-end processors
  • Updated market forecast for phase-change memory (PCM), spin transfer torque MRAM (STTMRAM) and resistive RAM (RRAM)
  • Updated analysis of technical trends for PCM, (STT-)MRAM, and RRAM
  • Updated analysis of the stand-alone and embedded memory markets
  • Updated analysis of China’s memory market, and a detailed list of emerging Chinese NVM players
  • In-depth analysis of Non-Volatile Dual Inline Memory Modules (NVDIMM) technology and its market
  • Analysis of PCM’s development history, including the latest news on Micron and Intel’s 3D XPoint activities
  • Review of materials suppliers and equipment players
  • Analysis of 3D XPoint products, and comparison with Samsung’s Z-NAND
  • Examination of newly emerging technologies, including Ferroelectric Field-Effect Transistor (FeFET) and Nanotube RAM (NRAM)
  • Updated analysis of new entrants and startup funding
  • Analysis of memory technologies for artificial intelligence (AI) applications



  • 2017 – 2023 market forecast in units, Gbit, $US, and number of wafers
  • Competitive landscape and market dynamics
  • Emerging non-volatile memory (ENVM) – potential applications and market drivers
  • Technology roadmap, with time-to market
  • Price evolution, by application and technology
  • Technology description and main technical trends by technology, along with overview of main players, and roadmap



Present an overview of the semiconductor memory market:

  • NAND, DRAM, NVDIMM, embedded MCU, and mobile AP – main markets, market forecast, and main trends
  • Current technological status and roadmap for the coming years
  • Market landscape

Provide an understanding of emerging NVM applications:

  • A total of eight application fields – four for stand-alone and four for embedded: total addressable market, market drivers and challenges, technology roadmap, players, main trends
  • Roadmap with time-to-market, by application

Deliver market forecasts for emerging NVM businesses:

  • 2017 – 2023 market forecast in units, Gb, $US/Gb, and number of wafers
  • Price evolution, by application and technology
  • Forecast for eight applications and three technologies (MRAM/STT-MRAM, RRAM, PCM)

Describe emerging NVM technologies:

  • Working principle, manufacturing methods, advantages/limitations, development status, price, time-to-market
  • Roadmap with technology nodes, chip-density evolution, and main players
  • Latest product development status for each key market player

Detail and analyze the competitive landscape:

  • Recent acquisitions and funding
  • Latest company news
  • Key players, by technologies and applications

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