Emerging Non-Volatile Memory 2020

Yole Développement

The stand-alone emerging NVM market keeps soaring, led by storage-class memory applications. Meanwhile, foundries are propelling the embedded business.


  • Assessment of two newly-emerging market applications:
    • Stand-alone code / data storage
    • Embedded NVM for analog ICs
  • Breakdown of the storage-class memory (SCM) market into:
    • Persistent memory – non-volatile dual in-line memory modules (NVDIMMs)
    • Low-latency storage – enterprise and client SSDs •
  • Update on stand-alone phasechange memory (PCM): potential new entrants, possible market evolution scenarios, next-generation Optane™ products, and competing technologies (e.g. Micron’s X100)
  • Update on newly emerging technologies, including ferroelectric memory (e.g. FeFETs) and nanotube RAM (NRAM)
  • Updated list of Chinese memory players and related emerging NVM activities, and more.


  • 2019- 2025 market forecast in $US, Gbit, wafers starts, and units
  • Competitive landscape and market dynamics
  • Emerging NVM – potential applications and market drivers
  • Technology roadmaps, with timeto- market
  • Price evolution, by application and technology
  • Technology description and main technical trends, along with overview of main players and product-development roadmaps


Present an overview of the semiconductor memory market: stand-alone (NAND, DRAM, NOR, etc.) and embedded memory (eFlash, SRAM)

  • Provide an understanding of emerging NVM applications: market drivers & challenges, technology roadmap, players, and main trends
  • Offer 2019-2025 market forecasts for the emerging NVM business
  • Describe emerging NVM technologies:
    • Working principle, manufacturing methods, advantages/limitations, development status, price, time-to-market
    • Latest product development status for each key market player
  • Detail and analyze the competitive landscape: recent acquisitions and funding, latest company news and key players, by technologies and applications

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