Epitaxy Growth Equipment for More Than Moore Devices Technology and Market Trends 2020

@Fraunhofer IAF
Yole Développement

Driven by microLED displays and power devices, epitaxy equipment shipment volumes will multiply more than threefold over the next five years.

Key features

  • Comprehensive analysis of the major applications currently using epitaxy growth methods, and potentially attractive applications that could require the use of epitaxy growth technology in the future
  • Describe the key benefits and added-value of epitaxy growth technology in More than Moore field
  • Epitaxy growth process application roadmap
  • 2019-2025 epitaxy growth equipment market forecast: breakdown by device type, by substrate type and by equipment technology
  • Describe the competitive landscape and identify key players in technology development
  • 2018 global epitaxy growth equipment market share in the More than Moore area and 2019 trends
  • 2018 epitaxy equipment market share by substrate type and by device type and 2019 trends
  • Overview of the major players using epitaxy growth equipment, by device
  • Discuss technology processes, specifications and value chain

Report objectives

  • Detailed analysis of epitaxy growth technologies for More than Moore (MtM) devices
  • Give the current status of epitaxy growth adoption and the various technologies available on the MtM market
  • Provide an overview of epitaxial growth technological trends for MtM applications
  • Define the key drivers for using epitaxy growth technologies
  • Offer market metrics at epitaxy growth equipment market level for MtM devices (2019-2025)
  • Evaluate market developments in terms of market size (volume, value) by MtM device and substrate type
  • Provide a competitive landscape identify key players in technology development and manufacturing
  • Give an overview of who is doing what, and details of each market

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