Equipment and Materials for 3D-NAND Manufacturing 2020

Yole Développement

The 3D-NAND manufacturing equipment market will keep growing, propelled by robust long-term NAND-bit demand and ever-increasing manufacturing complexity.

Key features of the report

  • 2019-2025 market forecast in units and revenue (US$) for four types of equipment used for manufacturing 3D-NAND wafers, namely:
    • Dry etching – High Aspect Ratio (HAR) etching, hard-mask opening, resist trimming, conductor/dielectric etching
    • Deposition – Plasma Enhanced (PE) CVD and ALD for dielectric and conducting materials
    • Lithography – ArFi immersion and ArF, KrF, and I-line dry lithography
    • Hybrid bonding – wafer-to-wafer bonding such as YMTC’s Xtacking™
  • Analysis of 3D-NAND manufacturing materials, their technical requirements, trends, roadmaps, and key suppliers
  • Description of technical trends and challenges in the 3D-NAND business, scaling roadmaps, along with overview of main players and product-development roadmaps
  • Mapping of the NAND supply chain, analysis of recent M&A and joint ventures, list of noteworthy news, and company announcements in 2019-2020
  • Analysis of COVID-19’s impact on the 3D-NAND business: effect on demand, bit shipments, and capex

Objectives of the report

Provide an overview of the stand-alone memory business with focus on NAND

  • Present an overview of the wafer-fab equipment technologies and processes:
    • Deposition (CVD, ALD), dry etching, lithography, and hybrid bonding.
  • Describe the 3D-NAND manufacturing equipment, materials, and processes
    • 3D NAND architectures and technical trends: string stacking, circuit under array (CUA) vs. Xtacking™, and more
    • Technical challenges and equipment solutions for manufacturing 3D-NAND
    • Manufacturing materials: suppliers and technology/market trends.
  • Provide market forecast for the period 2019-2025: revenue, ASP, and units
  • Detail and analyze the competitive landscape:
    • Financial analysis of top NAND manufacturers and equipment suppliers
    • Latest company news, mergers, and acquisition

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