Equipment and Materials for Fan-Out Packaging 2019

Yole Développement

Electronic packaging equipment and materials revenue growth is highly reliant on big players’ investments. A new killer application is needed to fuel robust growth.


What’s new

  • New 3-page summary of report with dashboards
  • Updated market forecast of Fan-Out production revenues (2018 to 2024)
  • New market survey on Fan-Out packaging popularity
  • Updated production status of key players
  • Updated carrier penetration rate comparison between FOWLP and FOPLP
  • New analysis of FOWLP vs FOPLP
  • New suppliers identified in FOPLP supply chain
  • Updated equipment and materials suppliers for both FOWLP and FOPLP
  • New modelling of tool units between FOWLP vs FOPLP
  • Updated market forecast of equipment and materials, volumes and revenue (2018 to 2024)
  • Updated market shares of equipment and materials players (2016 to 2018)
  • New market sizing for Cu RDL plating, equipment and materials
  • New M&A timeline of FOPVD suppliers


Key features of the report

  • Market forecasts
    • Supplier revenue: equipment and materials in Fan-Out packaging
    • Supplier revenue: FOWLP vs FOPLP
    • Market trends
    • Market drivers and dynamics
    • Analysis of FOWLP vs FOPLP inflection points and player strategies
  • Market shares and supply chain
    • Fan-out panel-level packaging supply chain
    • FOWLP market shares in 2018
  • Technology trends
    • Fan-out panel-level packaging challenges
    • Generic process flows and approaches in Fan-Out packaging
  • Market forecasts, market shares and technology focus by process
    • Carrier bonding and debonding
    • Pick-and-place
    • Molding compound deposition
    • RDL: passivation, patterning, barrier-seed layer, plating
    • Metrology and inspections – technology only


Objectives of the report

  • Describe technologies that can be classified as “fan-out packaging”
  • Identify and detail the fan-out packaging platform’s key process steps
  • Analyze the manufacturing chain for fan-out technologies
  • Pinpoint the equipment and materials suppliers for key process steps
  • For these steps, provide a market forecast for the coming years and an prediction of future trends
  • Elaborate on key market drivers, benefits, and challenges for equipment and materials in fan-out packages

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