Fan-Out Packaging Technologies and Market 2020

Yole Développement

What will be the next killer applications for Fan-Out packaging after application processor engines?

What’s new

Market shares of manufacturers

  • Market shares of players within each market class, including UHD FO, HD FO and Core FO, between 2019 and 2025

Companies making big moves

  • In February 2020, Deca became an independent technology development and licensing company, and exited the manufacturing business
  • In 2019, SEMCO FOPLP was acquired back by Samsung Electronics
  • In February 2020, Nepes built an independent management system by spinning off its FO packaging business as a subsidiary called Nepes Laweh

New commercialization products of Fan-Out packaging

  • TSMC has more than 20 product tape-outs in production or in development as of August 2019
  • TSMC inFO_oS for chiplets, 5G networking • TSMC inFO_AiP is expected to go into production in 2020 for Apple’s iPhone 5G
  • HiSilicon has started to adopt ASE’s FOCoS even more for its network server end-device
  • JCET two-die eWLB is found in the Fitbit 3 smartwatch
  • Apple’s Series 4 smartwatch adopts TSMC inFO APE+Dummy Die Si
  • Mediatek AiP Fan-Out mmWave Radar

Key features

  • Market valuations based on topdown and bottom-up model in package units, revenue, and wafer production volumes
  • Market shares based on production projections
  • Supply value chain analysis
  • State-of-the-art technologies and trends
  • End-user application adoptions

Report objectives

  • Identify and describe which technologies can be classified as ‘Fan-Out packaging’
  • Define clearly the different market classes of Fan-Out packaging
  • Analyze key market drivers, benefits and challenges of Fan-Out packages by application
  • Describe the different existing technologies, their trends and roadmaps
  • Analyze the supply chain and Fan-Out landscape
  • Update the business status of Fan-Out technology markets
  • Provide a market forecast for the coming years, and estimate future trends

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