Fan-Out Packaging: Technologies and Market Trends 2019

Yole Développement

Samsung and PTI, with panel-level packaging, have entered the Fan-Out battlefield.


  • Overview of the latest technologies: available and in-development
  • Comparison of different Fan-Out packaging platforms and associated costs
  • Commercialization status update with market adoption for new applications, updated forecasts, and potential-analysis update, by technology
  • Updated strategy analysis for main players and new entrants, including TSMC, SEMCO/Samsung, PTI, Amkor, JCET Group, ASE, and Deca, …
  • Analysis of key players’ FOPLP technology and strategy
  • Fan-Out-on-panel status update: volume and market forecasts 2017 – 2023, player-by-player status and analysis
  • Updated market volume, market size, and market forecasts 2017 – 2023


  • Market forecasts in volume (units and wafers) and revenue, split by application and end-market
  • Drivers and challenges for Fan-Out packaging
  • Product/technology description and analysis, by player
  • Fan-Out-on-panel status, evolution, and technology roadmap
  • Detailed supply chain explanation
  • Commercialization status with strategy analysis, by player
  • Analysis of Fan-Out potential and penetration rationales, by application


  • Identify and describe technologies classifiable as “Fan-Out”
  • Update the business status of Fan-Out technology markets
  • Analyze, by application, the key market drivers, benefits, and challenges for Fan-Out packages
  • Describe the different existing technologies, including their trends and roadmaps
  • Review the Fan-Out supply chain and landscape
  • Provide a market forecast for the coming years, and a prediction of future trends

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