GaN Power 2021: Epitaxy, Devices, Applications and Technology Trends

Yole Développement

The power GaN market doubled in 2020, highlighting the impressive growth of smartphone fast chargers and leading the way for telecom and automotive markets.


What’s new:

  • Covid-19 impact analysis
  • Update of market size by device type: discrete HEMT, system-onchip, and system-in-package
  • Update of market size for bare die market, by device type
  • Update of voltage analyses of GaN power devices: 650V and less than 200V
  • Update for the GaN-on-sapphire and GaN-on-Si epiwafer markets
  • Update of player and market status, with a focus in China
  • Discussion of recent investments, M&A events, the competitive advantages of key players, market opportunities, and market dynamic


Key features of the report:

  • Yole Développement’s deep understanding of GaN penetration in different applications including power supply (consumer, telecom & datacom, industrial…), xEV, UPS, lidar, and wireless power
  • Market projection for discrete and GaN IC devices in all applicative markets
  • State-of-the-art GaN-based power devices, including product charts for each along with device descriptions
  • Overview of the GaN power industrial landscape, from epitaxy and device design to device processing, with a focus on China
  • Discussion of GaN power market dynamics
  • GaN power device voltage analysis
  • State-of-the-art developments for power GaN packaging and integration
  • GaN reliability overview
  • Market projection for GaN epitaxy through 2026 by value and volume, including bare-die market with discrete/SiP/SoC split, device market split by application, and device market with discrete/SiP/SoC split


Objectives of the report:

  • Provide a clear understanding of the GaN power industry, covering markets from epiwafers and discretes to GaN ICs – with valuations in units and $M
  • Analyze the market drivers and bottlenecks of the GaN power industry by studying GaN adoption for different end-applications and supply chains
  • Assess the status and trends of GaN power device technology
  • Describe the industry landscape and market dynamics
  • Discussion of recent investments, M&A, and the competitive advantages of key players

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