Gas and Particle Sensors 2018

Yole Développement

Air quality is breathing life into the sensor market!



  • New chapters on particle sensors: segmentation, market forecasts, player mapping and technology benchmarks
  • Updated gas sensor segmentation to take into account new applications
  • Brand new market forecast up to 2023 in value and units by application
  • Updated market shares and technology breakdown
  • New part about gas and particle sensors in Asia, covering China, Taiwan and Japan
  • New part on gas and particle sensor intellectual property
  • Updated analysis on combo sensors and electronic noses



Identification and analysis of the applications:

  • Determination of the range of applications
  • Market segmentation
  • Technical and economic requirements by segment
  • Chemical species to be measured
  • Key players at application and system levels
  • Sensor market size and market forecast 2017-2023 in $M and Munits

Analyze and describe the technologies involved:

  • Existing and future gas and particle sensing technologies
  • Major actors and R&D organizations on a worldwide basis
  • Technology roadmap for the different products and process
  • Who is developing what?
  • Competing technologies and organizations for each application
  • Sensor die market size and market forecast 2017-2023 in $M, Munits
  • Main challenges, including sensitivity, selectivity and packaging


Note: The focus on Asia of this report has been realized in partnership with IEK Consulting.
IEK Consulting is a consulting service provided by the Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). ITRI has over 6,000 researchers whose research in applied technology covers information and communication: green energy; and the biomedical, materials and chemical industries. ITRI had devoted itself to advanced technology development and industry commercialization and made world-class achievements. For example, over 25 advanced technologies developed by ITRI have won the R&D 100 Awards in the past five years. IEK Consulting, with support from ITRI technology researchers, plays a key role as a world-class think tank in helping industry in Taiwan achieve value creation.

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