Gas and Particle Sensors – Technology and Market Trends 2021

Yole Développement

Vehicles still use most gas sensors, but the consumer market is accelerating the digitalization of smell.

What’s new

  • New market forecast up to 2026 in value and units by application for gas and particle sensors
  • Market trends for each segment described in both gas and particle sensors
  • Updated market shares and technology breakdown
  • Updated ecosystem of players and market shares
  • New part about digital olfaction, or electronic noses, with market forecasts and trends, players, and technology
  • Additional information on the technology trends from combo sensors to e-noses and artificial intelligence

Report’s key features:

  • Gas sensor market forecast 2019-2026 (volume, value)
  • Particle sensor market forecast 2019-2026 (volume, value)
  • Market shares of gas sensor players
  • Maket share of particle sensor players
  • Market share and trend by gas sensors technologies
  • Main challenges for gas and particle sensors (miniaturization, power consumption, …)
  • Roadmap for new products and technologies

Objectives of the report:

Identification and analysis of the applications:

  • Determination of the applications using gas and particle sensors
  • Technical and economic requirements, by main applications
  • Trends identified in each applications
  • Sensor market size and market forecast 2019 – 2026, in $M and Munits

Description of player ecosystem and dynamic:

  • Identification of key players and market shares
  • Identification of M&A, collaborations

Analysis and description of the technologies involved:

  • Existing and future gas & particle sensing technologies
  • Who is developing what?
  • Competing technologies and organizations, per application
  • Main challenges: sensitivity, selectivity, packaging
  • New technology trends: manufacturing, AI, combos, e-nose

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