IGBT Market and Technology Trends 2017

Yole Développement

The global IGBT market is growing, and IGBT technologies keep evolving. How will the IGBT market face the adoption of high performance WBG based devices



  • New forecasts, extended from 2016 to 2022
  • Market metrics and forecasts in units and revenues, considering bare dies, discrete components or modules, depending on the application
  • Segmentation modifications, voltage splits
  • Update on business models for IGBT manufacturing
  • Focus on Chinese players and their business model, technology gaps, and challenges
  • Focus on IGBT technologies and architectures by player, with evolution from first generation to current generation
  • Roadmap and future evolution for IGBT architectures
  • Focus on future evolutions for IGBT packaging and roadmap analysis, both for modules and discretes
  • Impact of SiC and the automotive industry with analysis of two different penetration scenarios



  • Updated market metrics and forecasts by application to 2022 in volume and value
  • Comparison with Yole Développement’s former IGBT market forecast estimates
  • Segmentation of the market and associated figures, split by voltage, and forecasts to 2022 in volume and value
  • Analysis of supply chain and associated business models
  • Presentation of main players by IGBT type, with associated ranking
  • Main player identification and market share
  • Wafer trends and market
  • General IGBT and technology evolution
  • Deep per-player analysis of IGBT technology
  • Overview of main challenges and evolutions at power packaging level
  • Analysis of Chinese IGBT market and related dynamics

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