Inkjet Functional and Additive Manufacturing for Electronics

Yole Développement

How inkjet is building a success story drop by drop within 2.5D and 3D manufacturing?



  • Inkjet printhead – market volume and value metrics 2017 – 2023 for electronics, microelectronics, display, and micro-optics applications
  • Market drivers for inkjet printing technology as a manufacturing tool
  • Inkjet printing segmentation, by applications for 2.5D and 3D printing for electronics, microelectronics, and micro-optics
  • Overview of the different segments and trends
  • Technology trends in inkjet printheads and modules
  • Inkjet printing – manufacturing roadmap for applications
  • Comprehensive landscape covering players, supply chain, and collaborations
  • Functional ink challenges for printing and consumption estimates

Objectives of the Report

  • Get an overview of emerging Printhead applications & market
  • Give the current status of inkjet printing technology adoption on the different market
  • Provide an application roadmap
  • Access market metrics at Inkjet equipment and Inkjet printhead devices for electronics, microelectronics and microoptics applications from 2017-2023
  • Understand the technological and economical challenges of using inkjet printing in those applications
  • Give an overview of the key players and key supply chains in related applications
  • Learn about inkjet printhead technology trends to access electronics, microelectronics market
  • Introduce ink players and collaboration

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