InP Wafer, Epiwafer and Device Market 2021: Photonics and RF Applications

Yole Développement

With a potential InP market of $5.2B in 2026, ever-more companies are trying to take part.

What’s new:

  • Introduce bare die market size and market projection by device type and by photonics application
  • Key bare die players’ market shares and analysis
  • Update of applicative market dynamics
  • Update of wafer and epiwafer market size by application, and player market shares
  • COVID-19 and US-China trade tension impact analysis
  • Update of player and market status, with a focus on new players
  • Discussion of recent investments, M&As, the competitive advantages of key players, market opportunities, and market dynamics

Key features of the report:

  • Yole Développement’s deep understanding of InP penetration in different applications, including telecom, datacom, wearables, automotive LiDAR, 3D sensing, medical and high-speed RF
  • Market projections for bare die InP devices in all applicative photonics markets
  • State-of-the-art InP-based photonics and RF devices
  • Overview of the InP industrial landscape, from wafer, epitaxy, and design to device processing
  • Discussion of InP market dynamics
  • Status of InP wafer and epi growth technology
  • Technical description and analysis of challenges of InP wafer and epi growth technology, InP RF and photonics devices
  • Key players market shares and analysis
  • Wafer and epiwafer suppliers – Market shares
  • Device price breakdown and analysis
  • Wafer, epiwafer, and bare die market size and market forecast through 2026, in $M and units

Objectives of the report:

  • Provide a clear understanding of the InP industry, covering markets from wafers and epiwafers to bare dies – with sales in units and $M
  • Analyze the market drivers and bottlenecks of the InP industry by studying InP adoption for different end-applications and supply chains
  • Assess the status and trends of InP device technology
  • Describe the industry landscape and market dynamics
  • Discussion of recent investments, M&A, and the competitive advantages of key players

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