LiDAR for Automotive and Industrial Applications 2021

Yole Développement

ADAS and robotic vehicles will drive the LiDAR market to $5.7B in 2026, with technology choices and supply chain management being the key enablers for LiDAR implementation.

What’s new

  • Focus on automotive supply chain
  • More industrial applications: logistics and smart infrastructure
  • Focus on software and computing for ADAS
  • Seven companies going public
  • More reverse costing analysis

Key features

  • LiDAR market volume and revenue 2019–2026
  • Analysis of LiDAR technologies for automotive
  • Overview of LiDAR applications for automotive and industrial applications
  • Software and computing for ADAS analysis
  • LiDAR technology analysis
  • New LiDAR opportunities for smart infrastructure

Report objectives

  • Provide market data on different LiDAR
  • Key market metrics and dynamics
  • Offer an application-related focus on key existing markets and the most promising emerging ones
  • Analyze the major technology trends
  • Deliver a deep understanding of the LiDAR business value chain, infrastructure, and players
  • Analyze the LiDAR supply chain with partnerships between OEMs, tier-1s and LiDAR manufacturers

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