Liquid Biopsy: From Isolation to Downstream Applications 2018

Yole Développement

How will liquid biopsy change cancer care?



  • Introduction to liquid biopsy testing, definitions, and why it is used
  • Market analysis of mergers and acquisitions, collaborations, fundraisings and business models
  • Technical and biological requirements, product examples, key players, market share, and technology trends
  • Market overview and forecasts at both service and device levels, for circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA: DNA molecules shed by cancerous cells) and for circulating tumor cells (CTCs: tumor cells shed from the original tumor) applications
  • Overview of the market’s main players and the technologies involved, including company profiles
  • Focus on downstream analysis and identification of the main technologies used for liquid biopsy
  • Supply chain analysis



  • Explain what liquid biopsy is, why it is used, and the characteristics of each biomarker (ctDNA,CTC, exosomes)
  • Show what constitutes “state-of-the-art” is today and what is expected for tomorrow, and understand the positive and negative impacts on the adoption of liquid biopsy for clinical use
  • Provide a players overview at each supply chain level, from enrichment and isolation to downstream analysis, for CTC and ctDNA applications
  • Provide a list and analysis of fundraisings and M&A
  • Provide an analysis of the business models used in the liquid biopsy fiel

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