Memory Packaging 2021

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The memory packaging market will grow to $20B in 2026. The ramp-up of Chinese memory, the growth of flip-chip DRAM, and the rise of 3D-stacking technologies are opening significant opportunities for packaging players.

Report available on November 15, 2021

What’s new:

  • Analysis of the NAND and DRAM packaging business with a focus on 5 end markets: data center, mobile, automotive, PC, and consumer electronics
  • 2020-2026 market forecast for 3D NAND technology manufactured using wafer-to-wafer hybrid bonding (e.g., YMTC’s XtackingTM) in units of wafers and packages
  • 2020-2026 market forecast for the packaging of NOR Flash, SRAM, PCM, MRAM, RRAM, and other memory technologies
  • Overview of advanced-packaging solutions for the integration of logic and memory
  • Discussion on the opportunities of hybrid bonding for next-generation NAND, DRAM, and HBM technologies

Key Features:

  • 2020-2026 market forecast in US$, wafers, and package units
  • Technology description and main technological trends, along with an overview of the leading players and product-development roadmaps
  • Key players by technology and application
  • Supply chain challenges: impact of COVID-19 and shortages
  • Competitive landscape and market dynamics with a focus on China

Objectives of the report:

  • Present an overview of the stand-alone memory market
  • Provide an understanding of memory packaging technologies and markets:
    • Technical characteristics, advantages, limitations, and manufacturing methods for leadframe, wirebond, WLCSP, flip-chip, TSV-stacking, and XtackingTM 3D NAND.
    • Market trends for the packaging of DRAM, NAND, NOR, emerging NVM, and other stand-alone memory technologies.
  • Forecast for 2020-2026 memory-packaging market:
    • Revenue (US$), package, and wafer volume (units), segmented by memory technology, end market, and package type.
  • Describe the memory packaging business:
    • Market drivers, challenges & opportunities, roadmaps, and players,
    • Supply chain and players’ dynamics with a focus on OSATs and memory IDMs,
    • Recent acquisitions, funding, partnerships, and latest company news.

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