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MEMS manufacturing cost simulation tool

System Plus Consulting has developed a powerful cost simulation tool to evaluate the cost of any MEMS process or device: From single chip to complex structures

MEMS CoSim+ is a process-based costing tool used to evaluate the manufacturingcost per wafer using your own inputs or using the pre-defined parameters included in the tool.

It is possible to enter any MEMS process flow.

MEMS CoSim+ includes a comprehensive database:

  • Fab Unit database
  • Equipment database
  • Consumables database
  • Wafer database
  • Process Flow database

It is a powerful tool designed for the MEMS Communityfeaturing:

  • Highlyflexible and a friendly hierarchical view where each process step can be moved, modified or deleted
  • Multiple process flows:

o Hierarchical description for multiple dies or processes
o Simulating cost according to different conditions (region, cleanroom , process, etc.)

  • Integrated equipment, wafer & materials databases.
  • An unlimited number of process steps or process flows to store in libraries
  • Up to five simultaneous scenarios allowing the user to run sensitivity analysis and compare results like yield improvement, manufacturing location impact on cost, etc.
  • Multiple subcontracting operations: costs of usually externalized operations can be precisely evaluated by setting their individual regional and commercial parameters.

An optional Mems process library and components library are available for accelerometers, gyroscopes, IMU, pressure sensors, microphones, oscillators, DMD, Inkjet Head…

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