MEMS Packaging 2017

Yole Développement

How is the evolution of MEMS devices driving packaging and test strategies



  • Updated 2016 – 2022 MEMS packaging market forecasts, in units and $USM by:
    • MEMS type
    • Packaging platform
  • Overview of 2016 – 2022 MEMS markets
  • Updated OSAT market share for MEMS packaging
  • Updated MEMS packaging roadmaps and trends
  • Complementary report from System Plus Consulting with a packaging teardown analysis on MEMS-based devices



  • MEMS market forecast in value, wafers, and units for 2016 – 2022
  • Major trends and evolution for the MEMS industry and markets, by devices (pressure, microphone, inertial, micro mirror, bolometer, RF MEMS, antenna tuner, oscillator, gas sensor, fingerprint sensor) and applications (aeronautics, automotive, consumer, defense, industrial, medical, telecom)
  • Overview of the different package types, by MEMS device (QFN, LGA, TSV, flip chip, ceramic, thin-film, etc.)
  • MEMS packaging’s evolution over the past years, and a roadmap for future MEMS packaging solutions
  • Dedicated MEMS reverse engineering report showing the different package types
  • MEMS packaging forecast for 2016 – 2022 in volume and value for the different package elements: encapsulation, interconnect, substrate, etc.
  • MEMS packaging supply chain analysis
  • MEMS testing trends



  • Offer an understanding of the various MEMS markets’ dynamics
  • Provide a forecast in units and value for the different packaging platforms, by MEMS device
  • Discuss trends concerning MEMS packaging’s future
  • Furnish insights regarding the MEMS packaging supply chain and the roles of IDM vs. OSAT
  • Highlight MEMS testing trends

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