MEMS Pressure Sensor Market and Technologies 2018

Yole Développement

Automotive and consumer applications are propelling the MEMS pressure sensor business to new heights.



  • Market forecast for 2017-2023 in volume and value; broken down by market, spanning automotive, consumer, industrial, medical, avionics and high-end applications; broken down across 29 different applications; and broken down into absolute, gauge and differential pressure sensor categories
  • Competitive landscape with player market shares by technology and market, supply chain analysis and market dynamics
  • Pressure sensor applications, market drivers, main trends and key players
  • Technology descriptions and comparisons, main trends and main players


  • To give a detailed analysis of all MEMS pressure sensor applications
    – Application description, sensor function, competing technologies, main market drivers and trends
  • To provide market data on key pressure sensors market metrics and dynamics
    – Pressure sensor sales in volume and value by market, by application, by sensor type, and technology
    – Players market share globally and by market
  • To provide key technical insight on main pressure technologies and main technological trends
    – Description of the main pressure sensor technologies
    – Reverse engineering trends for tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and consumer applications
    – Technological landscape and trends for piezoresistive and capacitive MEMS technologies
  • To provide an in-depth understanding of pressure sensor value chain, infrastructure and players
    – Who are the key pressure sensor players, including integrated device manufacturers, module makers and vertically integrated players, and what is their market and technological position?
    – More generally, who are the key suppliers to watch and how will the pressure sensor market evolve?
    – What are the potential targets for mergers and acquisitions?

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