Microdisplays – Market, Industry and Technology Trends 2020

Yole Développement

Will automotive HUD and AR headsets spawn new microdisplay tech?

Key features of the report

  • Analysis of key applications requiring microdisplays
  • Technical analysis of microdisplay technologies and associated roadmaps
  • Analysis of related industrial and technological ecosystems
  • Market analysis/forecast for microdisplay modules per application
  • Analysis of future trends and evolution of application landscapes

Objectives of the report

Understand the status of microdisplay technologies today:

  • Recent progress and future trends
  • What are the applications driving their region of interest?
  • What are their pros and cons and how are they competing with one another?

Competitive landscape and supply chain:

  • Identify the key players in technology development and manufacturing. Who is taking the lead?
  • Key partnerships
  • What are the development paths chosen by each technology?

Market insights:

  • Microdisplay modules volumes by application
  • Microdisplay modules values by application
  • Projection from 2020 to 2025

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